Ilooking out the window on delta flight so and so over middle Wisconsin. Struck by the spread of humans and the small areas set aside as parks and “green spaces” and the feeling when you’re in there of being out in the woods but seeing it from above its really more like a movie set these several trees surrounded by farms and cities a little designed setting (just a little paved) to keep in touch with our animal and beautiful nature so that no amount of progress and greed may cross the line of these little patches of sanity because even those making progress still need a walk in the woods now and then


Come Jan 1 Gndwire will become my own record label.  Been thinking about this for some time now and can’t wait to dive in.  My first release will be an EP by yours truly called Razor Pony and will be released Jan 28.  I’m talking to some other artists now and will hopefully have some more releases coming soon.  Artists free to create how they see fit, free to own their own masters, free to be the weird, wonderful people they are.  We’ll see how it goes. Should be fun!

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